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Black Friday as double eleven? Maybe no

Although the sales figures for double eleven than a lot of Black Friday, but as a traditional festival, black Friday, there are still a lot of our place of study.
Long long ago, the retail industry is still not and network hookup, singles day is only singles Guyingzilian days. In November, just a year month one of the most insipid. By the cold weather turns cold, northern China heating and Qiuku became the best human invention. In the Far West, November is Thanksgiving Day and the "black Friday" month. Black Friday is the first day after Thanksgiving (West this year to November 28th), as the start of the Christmas goods store operations, many businesses will increase the discount strength.
A lot of people in the introduction of "black Friday" when will say that is a foreign "double eleven", but the time sequence to make clear, the "black Friday" as early as in "double eleven". Black Friday saying the earliest can be traced back to 1961 in Philadelphia, when people use black Friday after Thanksgiving streets describe the great traffic flow and pedestrian flow. It extends to the retail interpretation becomes, books on the red indicates a loss, Black said profit. Many year book full of deficit of retailers in the "black Friday" at the end of the day can be swung, black lettering record earnings results, "hence the name" black Friday ".
Since the beginning of this century, black Friday and the sales price is closely linked, is also regarded as the American shopping season a hot start. According to tradition, from "black Friday" has been to this more than a month of January 1st of the following year in sales, many businesses can account for the year 1/3, the profit can even reach half holiday spending in the United States, so the consumption share of GDP 2/3 countries has important significance.
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